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Our Town

"MY TOWN is the place where my home is founded;
where my business is situated, and my vote is cast."
"MY TOWN is where my children grow up,
and where they are educated; where my neighbors dwell,
and where my life is chiefly lived.
It is the home spot for me."
"MY TOWN has the right to my civic loyalty.
It supports me and I should support it."
"MY TOWN wants my citizenship, not my partisanship;
My friendliness, not my criticism, my intelligence, not my indifference."
"MY TOWN supplies me with protection, trade, friends, education,
schools, churches, and the right to free, moral leadership."
It has some things that are better than others.
"The best of things I should seek to make better;
the worst of things I should help to suppress."
"Take it all - in - all, it is MY TOWN and it is entitled to the best there is in me."

- Author unknown